Slide long burning time Mori mit Klarglas customisable no stains or
wax residue
awarded with the
Austria Quality Seal
odourless, no soot extinguishes as
soon as the lamp tips

austrian quality

burning time up to 120 hours




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Our table lamps - Miracle LampsThe versatile modular Candola system:Creates wonderful natural light with a real flame - clean, odorless, safe and environmentally friendly. With a burning time of up to 120 hours, a permanent wick burns the special Candola liquid without any soot or smoke development. The empty exchange bottle is very easy and quick to replace. Just wonderful.Safety lamp with natural candlelightlonger burning time andconsistent clean quality!Why Candola table lamps?Safety lamp! The lamp goes out as soon as the table lamp falls overThe kit system enables the use of individual lamps, glasses and coversMuch longer burn time than candles (up to 120 hours)Time and cost savings, high economic efficiencyNo wax residue!Special wick enables complete emptying of the refill bottleWith clean oil there is no smoke or soot development!The highest level of security through the Candola systemTested quality certified by independent institutes.Special burner prevents improper use (by small children)Use of a special, odorless oil, so no nuisance to the guestsRefill bottle is invisibleLarge selection of different designsUse of various product designers for new lamp designsexcellent, well-groomed appearanceCan also be equipped with a mosquito stopSimple but extraordinary functional principle.